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Spammers & Auto-Posters will be banned permanently!

To maintain the health of our porn community forum we will be actively doing some moderation such as banning, cleaning up spams, restricting access to the repeated violators, etc.

Banning Spams & Auto Generated Contents​

Spammers and auto forum posters will be banned permanently and the threads/post created will be deleted as well.

We have seen people using forum auto posters to post threads which includes the affiliate file hosting links which are for their own benefits. We don't have problem for someone who wants to make money posting contents. But we do not welcome plain copied contents.

You're content must be somewhat unique if you are going to promote/post porn or something here.

Like for example, use different thread title than others, host the images directly on JuicyForum and do not attach links with the image or a third party service. Use proper title, texts within thread so people can easily search.

It's definitely hard for bots and copy-pasters. Not too hard for human!

This is for stopping those who's trying to spam their affiliate file links. And to maintain a healthy porn community.

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