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How to properly make a request? [Rules/Guide]


I Love Tits ❤
Apr 1, 2021
This is a guide about, how a requests thread (topic/page) should look like!

You need to follow these rules before posting a request thread here.

1. You should put model's name and username in the title.

2. Select "onlyfans", "Patreon", "porn videos" as prefix.
For example if you are going to request porn videos, select "porn videos" or if you want onlyfans leaks, select "onlyfans".

3. Put atleast 4 pictures or photos of the model or pornstar.

4. Put pornstar's name and social media links in the appropriate form.

5. Create a thread for each model. Don't request multiple models in one single request page/thread.

That's all!

Wait!! 🧐 one more thing!

Don't post illegal things like animal or child porn, violence, murder, rape, and other disturbing stuffs.

Trade/sell of porn content and digital media is not allowed without permission of Admins & Moderators.

We will restrict all access to our site for you if you violate these rules.

Rules are important to maintain this place as a healthy community for porn lovers.

Best Regards,

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